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  • Iceman: ...
    $MED Mar 22 2014 20 Puts
    $MR Mar 22 2014 30 Puts
    $NEON Mar 22 2014 5 Puts
    $NFLX Mar 22 2014 600 Calls
    $NUGT Mar 22 2014 42 Puts
    $NUGT Mar 22 2014 38 Puts
    $NVAX Mar 22 2014 5 Puts
    $OCN Mar 22 2014 30 Puts
    $P Mar 22 2014 36 Calls
    $PLCE Mar 22 ...
  • :
  • Tricia: Med Device ... Ms Met et all . I will be posting about $MED DEVICES and the TAx impact ... shortly ..
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Tuesday's close $ALJ, $AMTG, $ANDE, $ATO, $AVNR, $BID, $BIO, $BMR, $CAR, $CF, $CHRW, $CHUY, $CSC, $CSOD, $DGI, $DGIT, $DIS, $DPM, $DVA, $ENOC, $ENPH, $EOG, $EXEL, $FSLR, $FST, $FURX, G, GA,GDP, $GEOS, $GEVO, $GIVN, $GLUU, $GPOR, $JAZZ, $LQDT, $LYV, $MCEP, $MED, $MRO, $NUAN, $OAS, $ONTY, $ORA, $PRI, $PZZA, $QUAD, $REXX, $SD, $SLTM, $SNTS, $SPRD, $SYNC, $TESO, $TWO, $URS, $VSAT, $XNPT, Z
  • Tricia: $BIO --- $TECH, PHARMA, $MED etc ...
    Thank you @Dan - I so appreciated your chart analysis and commentary on the bios .... your first video was "all about me"" ..... I will get better thanks

    Your weekend review included $AMGN, $CELG, $SNTS, $ ...
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  • jojo1480: MED- haven' t ck the fundies lately, stock i a steady uptrend since Nov2011. Company is in the same space as $HLF NUS. Long $HLF, $MED no position.
  • jojo1480: $WTW NUS $HLF - TV shows "Biggest Loser", foodtv "Fat Chef", there are other show on TV (history channel, discovery, TLC), that deal with the problems of obesity. There is a biotech firm that has the magic pill for weight loss (forgot the name), the last I looked the stock is in the stratosphere. The point is keep an eye on these stocks. $MED reaffirmed guidance on Fri ahs, the stock spiked up. Long $NUS HLF.
  • jojo1480: $WTW MED- MissEllie & @debeers, interesting article in Baron' s magazine, a comparison $WTW vs $MED (bearish), should give $WTW a boost this week (maybe). Have a wonderfull weekend. :o)), it is all good!
  • Golf77: For those who missed WTW. Look at $MED same space great looking chart. 17.90 would be constructive.
  • Beangirl: ...
    $MED - initiated at Buy at Auriga...
    NVLS- initiated at Overweight at JP @Morgan...

    NTRI- initiated at Buy at Auriga...
    VMED - upgraded to Buy from Neutral at Nomura...

    $WTW - initiated at Buy at Auriga...

    $HII - initiate ...
  • Dave: ...
    Retail: $UA, $DECK, $RUE, $MED
    Energy: $SWN, $GPOR
    Precious Metals: $SLW, $ABX
    Health Care: HS, $ISRG, $QCOR, $MASI
    Services: $NTSP, $APEI, $LOPE
    Consumer Goods: $BCPC
    Tech: ...
  • jojo1480: WTW- now trading above the 50dma with decent volume, if tomorrow carries through looking for Bband expansio. $MED had to cut this one loose before i incur losses. Long WTW
  • jojo1480: $WTW MED- have been adding $WTW past 3trading days, position is quite large (no pun intended), $MED behaving nicely past several days, still above the 50dma, Bbands are squeezing, not a Vsqueeze yet. $MED has a very huge short %, greater then 24%. Long $WTW MED.
  • jojo1480: $WTW MED- @debeers, fundamentally $MED is a whole cheaper, but $WTW is such a well known brand. Everytime I turn on the tele, all these ex- hall fame athletes are pushing the products. I think if your looking for a quick trade go with MED. $WTW more volatility intraday. gl
  • jojo1480: WTW- constructive chart on the daily, firmly above the 50dma and starting to slope upwards. Adding to a bloated position (extreme makeover). Long $MED WTW, $HLF looking to open a position closer to the 50dma.
  • jojo1480: $MAKO - bought @50dma, Bband starting to pinch, like to see more volume to ascertain short #squeeze. Long WTW- continues to work, looking for $80/share. $MED liking the daily chart. Long PRU- Bband expansion on low volume, $GHL looking to add on further weakness. Long
  • jojo1480: MED- adding to position, I trimmed some $WTW to help pay for. Long $MED WTW
  • jojo1480: WTW- resistance 50dma, adding to long position, if it punches through am looking @80. $MED trending along an uptrend 50dma. FD-long.
  • jojo1480: $FTNT CACI- take the weekend and take a look at these internet/cyber space stocks. They have under accumulation on above avg 10day volume, and Bband expansion to the upside. Position Long $WTW WLK- high beta stocks with low/define risks. $MED, bouncing along the 50dma, and below the 200dma close to a Xover. Position Long. MA- my favorite daytrade stock, take a look @yesterday's intraday chart, study it and note the pattern. Have been daytrading this since Jun08, and have yet to lose money on it avg daily gain 3-4 pts. Maybe time to go long and stay long. No position. Have a great weekend.
  • jojo1480: $WTW MED- adding to $WTW long position, daily chart looking constructive. $MED better looking stock is above 50dma, received upgrade today. Long WTW.
  • jojo1480: $MED WTW- picked these up last week, cut $MED loose. $WTW working nicely, all short term holds 1-7 days.
  • jojo1480: $MED WTW- getting slowly off the couch, took a small starter in both of these cos. Long
  • jojo1480: VMED MHP $MED IRM ABV- these are some of my long term holdings that have held up quite well in the past several mos. A few pay a decent enough divd, it allows me to sleep @night. Take a look at the daily/wkly chart some may be @good/low risk entry points.
  • jojo1480: ISRG- jkricha, typically long periods of consolidation, might looking @#options if the spreads aren't to far apart. Bought back $MED this morning seeems to be working. $MAKO bought back this morning, been in/out twice. $WTW almost touched the 50dma and added small. Basically net sell today and raising cash. Looking fwd to taking the summer off.
  • jojo1480: WTW- picking up a starter position. partial stopped out of $MED AAPL $CACI PAY $SNDK , at this rate I soon be all in cash, and taking the summer off. ESV- upgrade this am, doing well. $WLT picking some up for a trade.
  • jojo1480: MED- been referring this as my flying "pig", short position ~25%, PE 18 and with a $PEG .85, on 09May beat earning estimates. Have gradually build this into a very huge position, daily chart somewhat extended above the 50dma (sma), wkly trading @/above the 50dma. Long $MED $WTW HLF- waiting for these to let me in. No position.
  • jojo1480: CPX MAKO MED- adding to positions, pressing my bet that the short covering ind $MED and $MAKO not done yet, CPX trading the channel $DANG increased my short position via jun puts $ATI daytrade
  • joanie: $MED - I noticed yesterday that $MED had stayed strong (ie. held) despite the prior day's huge move and no profit taking occurred as one would normally expect, and particularly on a day where the market tanks some 160 points during the points. It took a little dip this morning and is now nicely in the green.
  • jojo1480: HPQ- jkricha, no opine. the street doesn't care for the new ceo. I added to $SNDK and $PRU (AXP, the only #financials in portfolio). If $PRU gets to the 50dma consider u might consider buying a little. In the util space am long $PPL and $NGG, I had ...
  • joanie: $MED - I missed yesterday's move unfortunately, but I'm taking a bite today. With the market down so much and it having had a huge move but there's no profit taking today, well when a stock doesn't do what we expect it to do, that says something. I'm in. that high short interest makes me smile too, because today was the perfect day for pressing shorts... and it didn't happen.
  • jojo1480: $MED PAY ISRG- adding to all these positions. $ISRG above the 20dma, $MED beat earnings yesterday 26% short position.
  • jojo1480: $MHP ESRX- new 52wk highs, gotta take a little off the table. $MED PAY- knocking the socks off, both stocks are heavily shorted. Long $PVH SNDK $CNMD - adding to positon now overweight in these 3stocks.
  • jojo1480: MED- flying pig will lose its moniker today, earnings beat, stock trading +1 point After hours. Constructive looking chart after the pukefest on Mar11, if it holds tomorrow, might want to get some, ie $MTW HLF. Long $MED (remaining 20%, tbss). everyone have a good evening. edit- has huge short position, might rocket up, we have to wait and see.
  • jojo1480: ...
    Healtcare Stocks are keeping my portfolio profitable as my Natural Resource stocks are getting killed $FCX TCK $ANR WLT etc.. and in time these will come back as I mitigate losses with option remedies.

    MAKO- sold out last week, went back in as i ...
  • jojo1480: ESRX-@dfaz, held it for a nice run (6mos), sold it, and back in with MHS and ESRX. $MAKO sold it earlier in the week and the remainder this morning. Today' s action (MAKO) can be more bullish if the close give it a much longer tail. Long $NKE PVH $MED ETN $LLNW ARAY $MHP and just about all the nat resource stocks $ANR WLT $BTU FCX $TCK etc., they are all down 2-10% and will keep adding, i have a longer threshold level for pain and am sitting in 84%cash for longer term portfolio.
  • MtChet: $MED - Hold on, it has a 29% short interest and beginning a VS
  • gold2stocks: $MED - Looks like a May 17th, deadline for the law suit. Maybe a continued move up until then. Nice percent profit move today though! Good eye Jojo. G2S
  • jemcbrid: $EBIX and $MED - as Jojo has stated $MED has earnings tonight and should be up tomorrow. $EBIX has an investor meeting tomorrow at 8 AM and should continue up. You may want to hold these at the end of the day for the moves. Just my opinion make sure you understand the risk in MED.
  • jojo1480: $MED BVN- medivast is petering out going into earnings tonite, this is a lottery ticket due to accounting and delayed reporting issues, so just be aware. BVN- as i outlined this morning, there may be clarity regarding the presidential elections in Chili. perhaps, the reason today the stock is up , fear of nationalizing is diminished. EQIX- coming out of Vsqueeze yesterday, coming back strong from a downer this morning, let see if it goes green. Long with very tight stops.
  • jemcbrid: $MED - It was just the delayed earnings report. It has a low PE for this type of business. The CEO has been on #CNBC shows the only risk is can people afford it now. @Jeff
  • jemcbrid: $MED - I bought small on the initial pullback around $17.10 as it was a $30 stock in January so could be a nice profit if it returns to that level. Of course, it could take a while. I may add before they do report too. @Jeff
  • lukef01: $MED : Does anyone know why this sold off today? I can't find any news. $MED is set to report next Thursday and I was thinking with a 20% pop in Weight Watchers ( $WTW ) when it reported, this stock would get some love and would run until the earnings ...
  • Beangirl: $WTW - @Larry, I am a holder of $MED, you may want to view my post from this morning. I was thinking on the same lines as you concerning the New Year, everyone wants to lose weight. $MED is up 4.08% from when I purchased the stock. Long MED
  • bluesequoia: $MED - @Beangirl - should have mentioned this last week when I saw your post, I picked up $MED calls last week and they took off. I sold the last of them today but when I saw how strong it was doing I re-entered at a new strike and month. Thanks, I owe you.
  • Beangirl: $MED - This is an old favorite. Looks to be moving on an expansion out of the #squeeze. Anyone following it?
  • Beangirl: $MED & $VCI - Here are a couple stocks that just crossed up through the 50 DMA, they may be worth a look. Starting to look perky again.
  • tradethebull: @DAN - Feedback I think dlylis has expressed this well. To add to this feedback, one thing I found very useful was how yesterday in your post Jun 17,2010 9:52 AM you gave a quick update on some of the featured stocks but then threw in MED. I was then able to go and take a look at $MED, apply your teachings and BINGO I had a nice covered call to work on. BTW, the length of the videos is great for me.
  • joanie: $MED - Down 7% and sitting on the 50dma. "Gun to my head" (with a nod to Kass, plagiarism lives).. I took an entry.
  • tsogles: $MED Nibbling on starter position on today's pullback? Pulling back through the 20 sma. @Terry
  • Russ: $SNDK, SLE, DTG, $DDS, PSYS, $VHC, ADCT, $SPRD, $NUE, $HL, $SWC, $ALSK, ARJ, $JEC, $KSU, $MED, $GMT Here are some stocks that held up fairly well last week and may present entries this week. Some have been discussed in the threads, some not. Many are in the top right corner of the chart. Some have already had good runs and may be done for a while, others may now be moving out of long consolidation periods. (All in the context of a top down view and what the market is up to -- or down to -- over the next several days. We'll see what @Dan has to say later this weekend and Monday night.)

    This is my watch list for tomorrow morning and the week. No recommendations, but they have some or m ...
  • Russ: Shopping list These stocks are very near or above their 50dma and may be candidates for lower entries in the days to come. $CMI, $UPS, $NUE, $MED, $SHOO, $AAWW, $ANN, $TKR, $RBCN, APKT, $VCI, $FORR, $TEL, $DSW, $UCTT, $SNDK, $FWRD, $ESL, PII. Several of these have given strong guidance for the next quarter. I'd be interested in more suggestions, esp for uptrending stocks around the 50dma that have already reported earnings in this round and that have acceptable fundamentals. Good weekend to all. Russ
  • Dannomon: Healthcare - This sector has been out of the conversation for a bit but I think it's getting close to being relevant again. The $XLV is setting up for a nice #squeeze as are many of the individual issues. At the forefront I'm following $MED (not a healthcare per see but it does follow the industry for the most part) which is just breaking out of its #squeeze to the upside. I just bought MHS this morning since as you can see, it's at the bottom of its channel back on its way up with not much downside risk (stop under yesterday's low at 63.25). $UNH, $WCG, $WLP, $HUM all are in consolidation mode but I think that will change soon. Good luck to all. @Dan
  • dr.orangejuicer: $MED - Pulled back from the recent run, bounced sharply off of 20.90. A little late for a daytrade but a decent starter position entry.
  • dr.orangejuicer: $MED - Fraud Discovery drops investigation. Release: After a 50% haircut. Amazing.
  • NTrdr: $MED took small starter posn, been watching this one, institutional accumulation + good fundamentals. looks like abusive #shorting like crox. Looking to add on pullback. Not high short interest, seems like buying pressure.
  • NTrdr: Full positions in $CSIQ & $MED Still holding some $TSL & $IPI may take off rest of $TSL for last profit run today.
  • NTrdr: I would also consider $CSIQ, chinese company but getting tax boost from canadian / ontario governments. $TSL was big winner for me during 2009 helped recover my RRSP & IRA accounts plus some. Also check $MED, good fundamentals & technicals + institutional accumulation, some abusive bashing by short artists. I also hold $CROX in my kids accounts look on weekly 3 yr its a big cup & handle. Another abusive short bashing imho. This is one of my very few position trades.
  • dr.orangejuicer: $TSL, $CSIQ, $MED - $CSIQ also looks good, no doubt. Trina is my go-to solar pick because I think it has one of the nicer charts in the bunch (CSIQ right up there though). I bought some $MED this morning, been watching it since the whole $FDI thing blew up. From what I can tell, Minkow is up to his same tricks. That he actively shorts the names he investigates is telling.
  • CallaLilly: $MED - Medifast says allegations intended to manipulate stock price
    Medifast said has been the subject of a series of fraudulent attacks on its stock in a case of outright, deliberate, and possibly illegal market manipulation. The company said the ...
  • Dave: $MED - @DAN, Absolutely GREAT call on $MED on Monday - and it was even out there for trial members. Another 4 points or 14% +/- of pain in the stock. There's a big difference between Pullbacks and Falling Knives and that isn't a bad little video to bring it out in spades - especially with the foresight now of a couple of more days of action.
  • robwait: MED- @Dan's free Video had an excellent trading tutorial regarding placement of stops in an up trending stock and how tight stops under support protect you from blowing up. Having said that the reason why $MED tanked the last few day's is because of allegations of fraud. I wont go into it here, look up the NRs ,but today the company came out with a strongly worded rebuttal and the stock has now bottomed and is up about 6% so far. Having defined my risk I took a small position via call #options. I dont know which story is true, and I don't care because looks like the market is voting for the company.
  • Dannomon: $MED - The fraud allegations have been there for over a year and was probably started by disgruntled individual resellers in MED's quasi-pyramide. It certainly didn't hurt MED's 500% rise last year. I really like the company and the reason for it's success appears to be this aggressive type of marketing and selling. The selloff effectively closed-out my positions though and frankly spooked me a bit. I'm not sure if I want to reenter but best luck to you.
  • Dannomon: $MED - Stopped out of this high flyer. I can't find anything that explains the excessive drop unless it's just profit taking to the extreme. Looks like a chain reaction.
  • RAHDPM: $MED - (Medifast) - bad news reported today ...accusation of fraud / "consumer pyramid"... stock has dropped 11% today. Sell? Buy? Ride the ??.. any thoughts about closing the position or waiting for the company response? Charts look like the word may have gotten out a few days ago.
  • Dannomon: $MED - RAHDPM , could you please give a link to that info? It must be the "updated" negative stuff coming from @Robert L. FitzPatrick and his sit. Nasty stuff.
  • texastrader: $MED fraud I wonder if @Robert Fitzpatrick cited in the article as the multi-level expert is any relation to @Dan.
  • Dannomon: $MED - I have to admit, today is the first I've seen this. These guys despise Medifast. But the info has been around since last February 2009. It sure didn't hurt MED's rise last year. Too much manipulation for my blood. Glad I'm out.
  • rahdpm: $MED (Medifast) This just keeps getting better / worse! There is a youtube video released with the website that seems to be targeting the one company. Unfortunately he is drawing a parallel line between this company / $NY Stock Exchange and @Bernie Madoff.....So the real question is will there be a recovery from this?
  • Dannomon: $MED - Appears to be staging a comeback (it took out some of my position damn near the low of the day - I hate that). I might add again but now I'm pissed.
  • jvkeane: MED-- @Dannomon, thanks for your post on $MED last week. I grabbed a slug and it has been a great move. Have only been around SMM for a few months, but it has made all the difference in my trading success. THANKS!
  • Dannomon: $MED - You're most welcome jvkeane. I get tons of ideas from this forum so if I can contribute also, it feels really good). It is literally a gold mine. As for $MED, I'm not sure what it's up to but it appears to be holding and if that continues, we will go farther I think. Best case today is a slight pullback so as to define our new support (and risk) and then it's back in the rocket ship (in theory of course ;-).
  • Dannomon: $MED - Tagged the 50-dma today and immediately started back up. The only negative news I've heard that supposedly caused the 3 day selloff is the CEO sold 9% of his shares. Big whoop. This stock has risen 450% in 2009 so there were also I'm sure lots of end of year profit taking. I think this is a gift at this level.
  • Dannomon: $MED - I really didn't expect this to rebound this strongly but I'm definitely not complaining. Yahoo!
  • Dannomon: $MED - Taking off to the upside yet again after a good consolidation. This has been a really strong health play all year.
  • Dannomon: $MED - I wanted healthcare coverage and latched onto this guy yesterday. I've owned it before - a really well managed company and I recommend its products (weight loss programs) to my clients - I'm a fitness trainer. It's on a nice tear now.
  • robwait: A rally depends entirely on employment reports, $ADP tomorrow, Unemployment claims Thursday and the Unemployment rate Friday. They must be better than expected. I am half cash, my positions are still in the money, not a bull or bear, just vigilant. I am considering a shopping list of stocks and a shopping list of contra ETF's. The only stocks that interest me are those that are showing high top line growth such as $MED or CREE.
  • robwait: Thursday we had a nice rally, but I feel decidedly bearish in a way, which is weird, because I made a couple of small buys and I have a nice 15% gain in $MED that I bought the other day. Its a small buy so I still have to work, not trying to brag. Bu ...
  • phlipper4: @Dan Fitzpatrick---thank you...thank you...thank you! I got stopped out of $BAC and $MED this morning and was able to retain most of my profits. "Be a risk manager" Humm? Who do I hear say that all the time? I wonder.
  • SMR196312: $MED, first of all it's not a recommendation to buy or short. Secondly, All I did was bring to the attention of the board a volatility #squeeze. Some might look at it as short in this market, some might investigate further and take a long position, some might ignore it all together. It's wise when someone makes statement to usually have facts to back it up. The next time, think before you write.
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Medifast, Inc., is engaged in the production, distribution and sale of weight management and disease management products and other consumable health and diet products.

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