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  • Aragorn: Financials are strong today check out $DNB not really a financial but flying $CFR $JPM $AIG$C $PRU etc
  • SGW430: $PRU halted news pending
  • PJMR11: @SGW430 $PRU what is the news?
  • 1winkie: Top Earnings Wed 11/4 After the Bell: $NLY $NOG $PE $PEIX $PHH $PRU $QCOM $RGR $RIG $RJET $SQNM $SUN $SXL $TROX $WFM $WPX $XNPT $XPO
  • EasyOut: @Aragorn #Aragorn's list for tomorrow...inside days: $ACE $BABA $BBT $BDSI $BG $CAKE $CAM $CBYL $CCJ $CF $CHRW $CMI $COH $CRM $CSX $CTSH $DBD $DJ-20 $DPZ $DSX $EAT $EMR $EW $FDX $FFIV $FLS $GLUU $GNC $GOOG $GOOGL $H $HSY $IYT $JBHT $JNJ $KITE $KRE $KSS $LGF $MAR $MCD $MDLZ $MELI $NOK $NSC $NTRS $PG $PRU $PSX $R $RF $RHI $RMBS $SAVE $SJM $SLB $STI $TJX $TMO $TMUS $TWX $UPS $VJET $WING $WY $XLI $XLNX Thanks for the list for tomorrow. Kathy
  • Forexpro: ...
    A very positive feature article on $PRU ("Don't Knock the Rock") argues that being designated "systemically important") won't be a huge impediment, because the regulators will be sensible, and not expect the same sort of complian ...
  • Seth: @GreenGhost Such as this? $PRU
  • GreenGhost: @Seth $PRU eggactly; mentioned life ins cos looking very frisky last week; missed that one though; nice find; hope you're long!
  • olveoyl: @Jadee $MET $PRU @Jadee Funny story! My parents did the same thing for each one of my siblings and I when we were born (all 7 of us) Ours was with $PRU. I am the only one of the bunch that still holds the stock. My siblings all sold their policies before $PRU went public! Too sad for them!
  • dunsek: #PickYourBottom scan @LTCSteve After reviewing last night, I think that $OI and $PPL are actually my favorites out of the 'within 7% of the 52 week low and crossing the 8ema ' scan. $OI has a triple bottom around 23, and would need to break out over both the 50 day and the recent highs (24.50ish) for me. It's got higher lows and a V bottom in early March. $JOY over 41 I quite like too. $PRU I think I'd stay away from for the time being. $KSU is interesting too because of the confirmatin in the transports @DAN has been pointing to. Needs a close over 108 maybe?
  • dunsek: #PickYourBottom #Scan trying a new scan today which returns those stocks which are within 7% of their 52 week low and which are crossing up through the 8ema. Why 7%? Because trial and error. It wasn't coming back with any if I went less than 7% away from 52 week low. Results at the moment are: $PRU $KSU $PPL $JOY $SNI $OI Will monitor and see how it goes.
  • LTCSteve: @dunsek $PRU $KSU $PPL Your SW sounds interesting. R U strictly in the evaluation phase or will take a position in one or more stocks before day's end? Thanks
  • dunsek: @LTCSteve #PickYourBottom good question. $PRU actaully is really interesting me RHRN ; $JOY popped up on the screen too, and it's interesting but I think it needs to show some breaking out; $SNI came up, but looks like it wants to go sideways still; $OI looks like it won't hold the 8, $PPL is interesting but looks like it might have trouble going through 34.50, $MSI came up but it's a fugly chart and $KSU came up and I like that it's flashing an inside day at the moment, but looks premature. So gun to my head, $PRU, but I may just watch for the day
  • LTCSteve: @dunsek $PRU Thanks for feedback. I'm an itchy trader. Probably to my disadvantage, but I need to get my trade fix everyday. Biting my nails wanting to do something. LOL
  • dunsek: #RadarScreen some interesting action in some of the Financials yesterday. From a scan showing stocks that have moved up through the 8 day ema and who's PSAR has flipped to positive, we get: $STI (entering a squeeze), $BAC , $BBT (entering a squeeze), $HBAN , $NTRS (entering a squeeze), $UNM (entering a squeeze), $FITB (entering a squeeze), $PBCT (entering a squeeze if you squint) and $PRU (PSAR was already positive, but it's now above the 8). Smells a bit like a rotation into the regionals might be in the offing.
  • Auto: $PRU mentioned this one the other day third day up on low volume on the weekly she is bouncing from bottom I will let her take me out... :>)
  • Auto: $PRU could be a bottom second day green not to late adding for LT port.. :>)
  • Auto: $PRU missed the VS today.. but looks good on the weekly zig zag pattern.. :>)
  • Auto: $PRU at the bottom of the channel third day down watching for the first higher low to add. will rinse and repeat back at $90ish... :>)
  • GreenGhost: $XLF A big high volume break of the 50DMA today suggests more downside. Investors I suspect are rethinking the big bank and life insurance longs as the yield curve continues to flatten out like a pancake. It's tough to make money if there's little net interest margin as the borrow/lend spread compresses. Life insurers: Wait till next year? It's been a rough start to the year for the group as investors - who had bid up the names at least partly in hope of higher interest rates giving a boost to returns - rethink those assumptions yet again as the 10-year Treasury yield tumbles below 2%. MetLife ($MET -2.5%), Prudential ($PRU -1.5%), Manulife ($MFC -2.2%), Sun Life ($SLF -3.2%), Lincoln National ($LNC -2.8%), Primerica ($PRI -1.5%), Voya Financial ($VOYA -2.1%).
  • Auto: $PRU if she breaks $75 will see it touch the 200SMA $67.50ish watching.. :>)
  • bwcarnation1: $PRU I mentioned this a few days ago now breaking out to new hi, in tight vs just starting to expand on decent vol. not extended above 50d.
  • Forexpro: Re: Insurers Hi, Friends, Among the larger names, $PRU, $MET and $TRV are all up in the early going. I only did a cursory glance, but I'm not seeing any industry-specific macro news. Here's hoping that the day is off to a good start; all the best.
  • Forexpro: @NapoleonSolo Thanks, NapoleonSolo, Maybe, since I"m not seeing anything else except some analyst presentations, but all of the names that I mentioned are in a different league than is $PL. $PL's market cap is $5 bn and change; $TRV weighs in at $31 bn, $PRU at 45 bn, $MET at $61 bn. They're all mouthfuls. Hope you're faring well; all the best.
  • TD: $PRU - expanding up through the 50 day today, strong insurance sector, nice weekly chart, still about $5 of headroom before prior highs are tested. strong accumulation today.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $AFFX, $AIZ, $AKAM, $ALL, $ARMK, $ATML, $AVNR, $BDN, $BKD, $BMR, $BOFI, $CALD, $CBG, $CINF, $CNW, $DIS, $DRIV, $EDMC, $ENS, $ENTR, $FEIC, $FISV, $FLT, $FMC, $FORM, $GEOS, $GIL, $GLUU, $GMCR, $GPRE, $IRBT, $KIM, $LNC, $MAA, $MRO, $MTD, $MTGE, $NXPI, $OESX, $ONVO, $ORLY, $OSUR, $P, $PAA, $PMT, $PNNT, $PRU, $QUIK, $RE, $RLD, $SCSS, $SFLY, $SNCR, $SPF, $SRCL, $SWI, $SWIR, $SWM, $THG, $TQNT, $TSO, $TTMI, $TWO, $TWTR, $TYL, $UHAL, $WGL, $WNC, $XL, YELP
  • :
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $ACLS, $ACXM, $ALNY, $ALSK, $AMTG, $ANDE, $ATO, $ATVI, $AWAY, $AWK, $BALT, $BIOS, $BKD, $CBS, $CECO, $CKP, $CLR, $CODI, $CPE, $CTL, $CVG, $CXO, $CXW, $DCTH, $DGIT, $DK, $DVR, $DXCM, $ENS, $ERII, $EVC, $FLTX, $FTK, G, GA, $GNK, $HIMX, $HNSN, $HT, $INWK, $IO, $LPSN, $MAA, $MDLZ, $MKL, $MRIN, $NDLS, $NVTL, $OAS, OILT, $OSUR, $PDLI, $PHH, $PMT, $PMTC, $PRI, $PRU, $QCOM, $RIG, $RJET, $ROSE, $RST, $SCTY, $SLCA, $SN, $TCAP, $TEG, $TPX, $TS, $TSO, $TWTC, $UHAL, $WAC, WES, $WFM, $WG, WTI
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $AGU, $ARRS, $ARRY, $ASIA, $AWK, $BIOL, $BIOS, $BKD, $BPZ, $BWC, $CECO, $CLR, $CODI, $CTL, $CXO, $CXW, $DEPO, $DK, $DMD, $DRYS, $DVR, $DXCM, $EDMC, $EGLE, $ENS, $ETE, $ETP, $EXP, $FIO, $FTEK, $FTK, $FTR, $GMCR, $GNMK, $GRPN, $GTY, $HALO, $HNSN, $IO, $JACK, $JCOM, $LLNW, $MBI, $MDLZ, $MKL, $MNTX, $MRIN, $MWE, $NGVC, $NRP, $NVTL, OILT, $OSUR, $PKT, $PODD, $POWR, $PPO, $PRU, $PRXL, $PVA, $RBCN, RGP, $RIG, $RLD, $RST, $RWT, $SCTY, $SGI, $SN, $SSRI, $STEC, $SXL, $SZYM, $TCAP, $TNGO, $TSLA, $TTEK, $TWTC, $UHAL, $WGL, $WR, WTI
  • :
  • jdaniels: Long-term holding philosophy @ogas - I've been absent from the forum over the past 5 to 6 weeks, but maybe this will help you. This forum I believe at one time catered to trading and not necessarily investing, although I believe they are very closel ...
  • hooked1: $EWZ - Welcome to the party. $FXI has been a fantastic trade this year as well. A nice theme to hang your hat on. Mexico is the other theme I'm running with. $PRU looks interesting. Thanks for bringing it up.
  • davewells: HIG...@Henry..I think $HIG is primarily in the life and annuity business..John Paulson has a big position..I just got a report from @Morgan Stanley covering the life /annuity carriers and their primary over weights are $PRU and MET..two stocks @Doug kass has liked in the past but probably at lower levels..if you want a copy of the report ,shoot me an email at MET..dave
  • scorpino: @scgaryinv, I'm too novice to glean the hidden meaning in your reply. to my inexperienced eyes those two charts look very diff. Pru looks like $AET, former winner hit hard and potentially coming back, $ALL looks like one of those "working" stocks.,.. what I can't tell is if $PRU and $AET are potentially coming back or just "broken stocks" to be shorted on rallys (if one were confident enuf to short)
  • rcline: @scorpino. i suggest that you move out and take a look at a weekly chart. $PRU and $AET are "recovering charts." A higher-high, a higher-low and a higher-high on the daily chart, but definitely a break down on the weekly chart. $ALL on the other hand has a higher-high, a higher-low and a higher-high, but in the context of the weekly chart it is still within an uptrend with no break down. Now which one would you place your money on? Cheers, @Ray
  • scorpino: @rcline - Yes, I see the diff between those charts. My problem is $PRU looks like near support in its' trading range on the weekly, therefore less risk...ALL is at resistance in it's trading range...therefore I buy it and it immediately falls to 24 support area. $AET on weekly is actually already too far from support, i'm about 3 wks late looking at it. I'm just a lost beginner trying to figure out how to change my results where I buy the obvious better chart(all) then watch as I get stopped out over and over and I try to look for charts that have been beaten down to support but give signs that they will come back. I guess I'm wrong but somehow it seems you have to buy when the chart looks like cr.p(at support) not when it looks great(at resistance) ???
  • davidm: $AET @scgaryinv @scorpino I have to disagree on the suggested comparisons. $AET is a health insurance company, listed in the healthcare sector. More appropriate comparisons would be other health insurers such as $UNH, $CI and WLP. @Dan mentioned $UNH this weekend as the only one to consider #RHRN, but of course he did not necessarily look at all of them. $ALL and $PRU are both in the financial sector and in very different businesses than AET.
  • DanDi: $PRU - Any interest in this stock for a longer term hold? I have owned previously and am now watching. I know it is a falling knife on the daily and has broken all support lines on the weekly but is now closing in on last yrs low of $42/43. Oversold (I know it can get more), pays a 3% #dividend. wondering if todays news of taking on part of GM's pension plan not necessarily a positive for the company? Thanks Diane
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Prudential upgraded at Credit Suisse
    $PRU was upgraded from Equal-weight to Overweight, Credit Suisse said. Valuation call, based on a $66 price target.

    Tanger Outlets upgraded at $UBS
    $SKT was upgraded to Buy from Neutral, $UBS s ...
  • auto: $PRU is sparking Best
  • stocking: $PRU waited for the second down day on this to sell Sep 12 40 puts at .75
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Prudential Financial numbers cut at Credit Suisse
    Shares of $PRU now seen reaching $62, according to Credit Suisse. Estimates also reduced, given recent business weakness. Outperform rating.

    Visa estimates, target raised at Goldman
  • perimeg: $PRU 200 dma coming into play.
  • Tricia: Make it a grand day! EARNINGS: Before Wednesday's open: $ABX, $AGN,AGP, $BEN, $CBE, $CIM, $CLH, $CLX, $CMCSA, $CVS, $DVN, $EPD, $ENR, $EIX, $EXXI G, $GRMN, $HSC,HSNI, $IACI, $ICE, $MA, $MAC, $MMP, $MRO, $MSCI, $MUR, $OAS, $OZM, $PCG, $PEG, $RDC,RRD, $SEIC,TWTC, $TWX, $UBS, $VSH, $WCG, $WXS YOKU, $VC After Wednesday's close: $AGNC, $ALL,APKT, $ATML, $ATO, $AWK, $AWH,BKD, $CACC, $CLR, $CNL, $CNQR,CVD, $CXO, $CXW, $DCT, $EIX, $EQY, $ESS, $EXPD, $EXXI,GMCR, $HIG, $HTZ, $IO, $JDSU, $KIM, $LBTYA, $LNC, $MELI, $MTD, $MUR,NGD, $NLY, $ONNN, $ONXX, $PPO, $PRU, $PXD, $REG,RIG, $RNR, $SCCO, $SHO,SHS, $SM, $SUN, $SXL, $SYMC, $TEG, $TGI,TFSL, $TSO, $TWO,V, $VVC, WES, $WFM, $WLT, WLG, $WTW, $YELP
  • jojo1480: GNW- stock consolidating @the upper BBand, since last week's stellar earnings, loading up the boat. Don' t know where $XLF is going, but my $PRU position is doing just nicely.
  • jojo1480: $PAY PRU- adding to position, $PRU will be called away @Feb expiry.
  • jojo1480: LO LNG- Hi @Henry, i am just going over my positions, really having a difficult time eliminating positions, most are in blue sky territory. I like this market, getting kinda worry about it, I would love to see a pullback, all my stocks except $MAKO C ...
  • jdaniels: $PRU - Anybody have good vibes for $PRU, earnings after the bell today
  • jojo1480: PRU- jdaniels, $HIG nice response to earnings. Most of my $PRU will be called away Feb expiry, hopefully sooner, right now those share are dead money. I did buy a little more ahead of earnings. Original shares were purchased below 42/share.
  • jdaniels: $PRU - Is on the move. The stock is working and my biggest problem is watching my profits evaporate. It seems as STOPS have been the topic of the day for us less experienced traders. Someone give me some suggestions? I realize your suggestions are choices which I will make based upon my risk tolerance. Specific what you would do if it were you is also appreciated
  • jojo1480: FII- looking for a financial replacement in portfolio, sold $GS on Th/Fr, and $PRU will be called away Feb18. $FII missed earning last month, Mkt cap ~$2B, PE 13 (TTM), and $PEG 2.6- it is a little expensive for an asset management company. Current divd annualized is .96c, ylds 5.07%. Stock gapped down on the earnings miss, and the past 3days filled the gap (~6% recovery), secondary indicators MACD MFI and Stochastic are looking bullish. Will open position on Monday, and go from there. Have a great Super Bowl day.:o)), it is all good.
  • jojo1480: $GS PRU- say goodbye to $GS, trimming $PRU stock is behaving ok in today's action. PRAA- keep an eye on this stock, have been holding it for quite some time, now trading above the 50dma, failed H&S pattern, huge short position. $ISRG option- son of a b******, just had some of my position sold @17.20 forgot I had a sell order on, darn!!:o)), but it is all good!
  • jojo1480: PRU- adding to position earlier this morning, had a semi pukefest several days ago held the 200dma. Unfortunately most of my holdings will be called away Feb55 expiry, cost basis below 45, I hope $PRU finishes above 55. :o)), it is all good.
  • jojo1480: PRU- adding to my long term position, using the 200dma as a reference for stop loss (only for new additions), been long 14mos. Most of my stocks are green ie $EMN HAL $POT MOS WOLL DMND $KRA TIBX $ZEUS NXPI $HLF SNCR $LNG ETN $EBIX BYDDF $CNS PKG $LLNW BX $KBH BTU $FIO PRAA $FCX OCZ. Not working this morning- $ILMN JNPR $DK FWS $QSII MAKO $PAY FLR $LLY GLNG $PRU all of these are in my holdings.
  • DragonFly: $PRU - thanks for the list jojo. I try to do research on the stocks you hold over the weekend as they, for the most part, are stocks that will make you money! I'm still holding $VHC, basis $23. and will buy more if it get back to that level. thanks again Ob1
  • Goose: $PRU OFF TOPIC @DragonFly, I know you mentioned that you use Scottrader's Elite, but have you ever used S.T. Streaming Quotes? I use the streaming quotes and wonder which is better for trading. I'm very familiar with Streaming Quotes, but know nothing about Elite. How would you rate them? Thank you.
  • jdaniels: $PRU - Can anyone help me with the sharp decline of $PRU, as I do not see any significant news
  • kneeboy: $PRU - Just saw your post. I can find no reason for the pullback. Technically, it came back to its 40 wk. $MA and bounced. If it holds today's low, it's a higher low. So technically, nothing wrong. If you entered in the last few days, it hurts for sure. @Dan has said before (I paraphrase) "A catalyst you can't find is a catalyst you don't know about" and the big money is smarter money. I'd place a stop below today's low and get out if it falls further. You can always buy it again. Don't watch it keep going down.
  • jojo1480: HAL- G2S, not doing much today, have reduced the number of positions from 40+ to less than 20, feeling much better. Took profits or closed out positions in a few failed breakouts, $NXPI SNDK $EBIX GS $PRU CTXS $MAKO SNCR, am enforcing my patience and discipline, daytrading a few #options, not much to do. :o))
  • jojo1480: FFBC- this might be a good bank candidate for the longer term holder pending earning release on Jan25 ahs (unconfirmed). $FFBC operates as a holding company of First Financial Bank. Mkt Cap $1.04B (small cap), PE 16.76 and $PEG 1.97 (normally banks P ...
  • jojo1480: GS- MissEllie, I loaded upon the Jan95calls this morning before I left for the golf course, put a stop loss @4.20 never got hit (now @7.05), might have to cut this in 1/2 position tomorrow. Still holding $GS and $PRU stock, holding those $GS calls have been very profitable.
  • jojo1480: $GS #options- say goodbye to those Jan95calls. Long $GS and $PRU (short $PRU feb 55calls, 1/2position), I want all of my $PRU to be called away.
  • jojo1480: ...
    Last week sold my $JPM and $WFC, only financial holdings are $PRU and GS.

    I probably open a few starting positions in all of the above this week, and see how it goes.
  • jojo1480: NXPI- G2S, have a huge position, if it cruises past resistance most likely will pile on, nothing but good stuff re this Google wallet chip maker. $CLR WLL $PXP CTXS $MAKO ETN $FIO - feel that I have made my year already, tomorrow most likely start taking profits off the table (10-30%). increasing positions in $PRU JPM $WFC and GS. ACOM- possible short candidate, stock is up 20% in 2012. No position.
  • Big D: PCX, $ANR, $WLT, $TCK, $CLF, $MET, $PRU - On "Stox and Jox" this morning, @Pete and @Jon were pumping these coal and metals names and Dougie Cass was pumping the Insurance/#Financials. Interesting banter. Think this was the 1st time @Jon was pumping PCX? Coal talk, Hour 2: Listen from minute 4:16 through minute 9:20: @Doug Kass, Hour 1: Listen from minute 9:20 through minute 19:55: If these links don't work, just try: My best: D
  • jojo1480: HIG- on a %basis dowm more than other Insurers/#Financials, $MET ALL $PRU etc. Stock basically in a 5year downtrend, trade em if you like em. No position, long PRU
  • thelawnboyz: $PRU a #cramer favorite just above 50 day has room to run
  • jojo1480: ABV- @optionswealth, don' t have a ex div date, I was just saying to be patient as the stock price appreciates, and collect the divd, ie $HON ETN $PRU etc
  • jojo1480: CRS- opened a starter position in this specialty metals maker, added to $PRU CLR $CLH TRW and $EMN, am done for the day.
  • jojo1480: PVH- @debeers, 60% of position have sold calls against position, $RL VFC had to let it go. We made great money when the market was roiling. Have been investing in healthcare since the last 12mos, ditto energy. Only financial am holding is $PRU, looks like a few chemicals are trying to make a move. In my trading portfolio just structuring vertical spreads, long puts/calls. No stock position.
  • jojo1480: $PRU PVH $WLL CLH $EMN ESRX- added about 10% to current long position, $ANF bought Jan2012C60 @5
  • jojo1480: NXPI- @DragonFly, haven' t sold any of mine, if it pullsback a little more will add. $PRU HON added to long position.
  • jojo1480: ASBB- ASB Bancorp, In a 13D filing Stillwell Value Partners disclose a new stake in the Co 463K shares between $10-$11.69/share, ~8.3%. Five (5) ASB insiders purchased 70K shares for $701K, trying to connect the dots re this bank, have to do more research. The only financial currently is $PRU, and the moneycenter banks are beginning to look enticing, Off to USCparent Day, the USC-Stanford game. I graduated from CAL, who should I root for?
  • jojo1480: $DGX WLP $HUM ESRX - it has been one heck of a week with earnings/take over specs. Selling all of my $DGX HUM raising cash. $ESRX up almost 12% for the day now butting heads with the 50dma. $WLP earnings beat as well up $1.75/ 2.52%. $BTU - good earnings, deploying cash to buy more shares. $PRU HAL- adding to positions
  • jasper: $CBI, JOYG, $PRU, $XLNX, $BA, $NSC, $CSX, $NUE, $TRV, $FAST - Just a handful of stocks that seem to me to meet the criteria @DAN used in yesterdays' SS. Broke resistence of 50dma, came back to test, closed the day higher with higher volume (accumulation) than previous day? Not making calls, just noticing patterns. Good Luck to all of us.
  • jojo1480: $PRU HOT- $PRU up 3+pts, that is nuts (very large holding), taking another 10% off, $HOT likewise doing the same. Net for the day increased cash position in longer term portfolio, can always buy them back cheaper, @zig n a zagging, or "w", same same take profits. Let the rest run. :o)), it is all good.
  • jojo1480: ISRG- in a consolidating trend since Jan2011, stock has held up nicely, tough to stay long. PEP- added more near the close, rather own this than any bank/money center banks. Only financial in portfolio is $PRU, need 2more days like today to break even. long in longer term portfolio. Net eod sold more than I bought, raised cash levels. Perhaps tomorrow/next week buy some back @cheaper prices.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Prudential Financial numbers lowered at @Morgan Stanley
    Shares of $PRU now seen reaching $67, according to @Morgan Stanley. Estimates also reduced, given slower expected macro growth. Overweight rating.

    Scripps Networks numbers reduced at $UBS
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Prudential estimates raised at $UBS
    $PRU estimates increased through 2011, $UBS said. Strong sales/premium growth in international and US insurance. Maintain $77 price target and Buy rating.

    SPX estimates, target cut at Credit Suisse
    Shares of ...
  • jojo1480: $JPM C- today $C reported good earnings, perhaps this mark the bottom for financial. Might start nibbling on JPM. Long $PRU and GHL
  • jojo1480: GS- picking this dog for a trade (quick), the only #financials i am long is $PRU and $GHL, will buy $JPM around mid 30's.
  • jojo1480: jkricha, my banking index reduced to $PRU and $GHL, they are both green. #Financials no divd, no reason to buy them, including the regionals. More interested in the insurance and brokerage side. Will buy $JPM mid 30's.
  • jojo1480: GHL- bottom fishing on this financial, daily butting against resistance 50dma, adding to position. Longer term hold PRU- position is very profitable, Bband expansion continues, adding to position this morning. GLH and $PRU, the only financial cos in portfolio. Looking @JPM $COF V $MA AXP.
  • jojo1480: Trimming a few positions, taking profits in $PRU PVH $ETN EMR and $WTW, reducing risk by reducing position size. Still long all of them.
  • jojo1480: $PRU GHL- resolution on cc debit fees in place, time to add to the only financial holding in portfolio, adding #rhrn.
  • jojo1480: PH- looking interesting, wkly above 50dma. on the daily below 50dma, and just above the 20dma, Bband are starting to pinch. Picking up a few shares, and Jul85/90 spread. $WTW MED- adding shares this morning. $PRU GHL- only #financials in my long portfolio, added to positions this am.
  • jojo1480: JPM- kinda look interesting for a long term holding, ylds 2.5%, considering taking a nibble. The only financial i am long is $PRU, and only in it for the divd yld, the charts suck.
  • jojo1480: $GS PRU- adding to these positions, long $PRU and $GS (equity, naked puts 130/120/110 various expiry).
  • jojo1480: $PRU GS-nice upgrade by janney on $PRU, $GS adding to my naked put collection. Only #financials i am long $PRU and $GS (equity and 130/120/110 naked puts various expiry).
  • jojo1480: HPQ- jkricha, no opine. the street doesn't care for the new ceo. I added to $SNDK and $PRU (AXP, the only #financials in portfolio). If $PRU gets to the 50dma consider u might consider buying a little. In the util space am long $PPL and $NGG, I had ...
  • jojo1480: $PRU CTSH- consider $PRU, earnings were a beat, conference was ongoing the stock reversed (nicely). $CTSH earnings beat last wk, stock went down due to India central bank raising rates, stock now coming back. Long $PRU and $CTSH, have a good day trading.
  • jojo1480: AXP- closing this trade out, it was a very nice ride. taking the proceeds and adding to $PRU position.
  • jojo1480: $PRU JPM- these two #financials are doing good. PVH- sold 20%, and added to $BG position. SWN- adding as it continues to show strength.
  • jojo1480: JEF- opened a position, the co recently pu $PRU global commodity business, and in the past 2 years build up their trading desk from various brokerage firms ie $MS, Merrill, Lehman bros., etc. It appears the daily/wkly @50dma, the daily 50dma may cross the 200dma on the downside, will add on any further pullback. Stock is relatively cheap PE 18.30, $PEG 1.38 short position ~7%. Long #financials STD PRU $GNW AXP $JEF MF (spec), $GS common and calls.
  • jojo1480: STD- Banbco Santander $SA, adding this foreign bank to portfolio, measured by its metrics cheap, div .31c, ylds 6.73%. Going with a foreign bank, not quite sure how US regional banks would fare with financial regs implementation. FD- long STD AXP $PRU GS common and calls. UGP- a Brazilian petro chemical co, distributes Liquefied petrol gas, other lubricants, and has exposure to a few agri chemicals. At the end of Feb did a 4:1 split. Long
  • jojo1480: earthquake, may be a good time to add to your insurers position, ie $PRU HIG $MET AFL(?) etc.
  • jojo1480: AXP- adding to position, now overweight, this investment is determined by the possibility of the delay to the Durbin amendment (ditto $V and MA). #financials are looking good again might have to consider putting $PRU and $JPM back into the fold. currently long $AXP (now overweight), $GS common and longer dated calls. LLl- added to starter position this morning, chart is firming up. Defense plays focusing on CISR (communication, intelligence, surveillance and recon), along with $MRCY exposure to the needs of homeland security. Long $LLL and MRCY. $AG WLT TCK- taking 20% off the table smart/dumb money, adding to $ANR position on weakness. LNG- down SP downgrade to negative. outlook on LiquefiedNG, should be to the upside I might to position,
  • jojo1480: #Financials- @bullmoose, take a look @PRU, was taken down when @tsunami hit Japan. is making a comeback pays a decent $divid, yld not to hot, but hey the stock is way up. trading above 50dma, am long $PRU GNW (2yrs now down .57%, a victory) and $GS common and longer dated calls, would like $JPM have to wait on pb. edit- $AXP long as well
  • bullmoose: $PRU / $GNW / $HBAN / $WFC (jojo) - Thanks for the shoutout on PRU. It's already moved quite a bit and I would like to see it pull back and hold the 50. On the weekly chart, you can see how it's already made a decent move. I'm seeing another $4 to th ...
  • bullmoose: $HBAN (@seahawk) - I haven't bought any calls yet, but will be looking at them tomorrow. See my reply to jojo1480's post on $PRU to see my thoughts on $HBAN, $GNW and WFC. All three look very tasty #RHRN. I want to see how the market acts tomorrow before adding calls. To be honest, I wish I did add calls this morning and now I hope I get a little pullback in the morning to add. I'll probably look at calls three months out because that's how long the last big move lasted.
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