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Strategy Session August 5th, 2013

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  • pqranchjon: $CCJ - $URZ - is today @Jimmy Shaker day for Uranium.... on the move... restart of reactors in Japan? shorts covering? heads up, something is happening.
  • pqranchjon: $CCJ - announces start of production on a big mine (Cigar Lake in north Saskatchewan), maybe - $URZ - is moving up in sympathy but it is close to production in its on right too... I still think Uranium will be a valid investment theme if not in 2014... soon.
  • ccrown4: $URZ - $UUUU @pqranchjon I've been holding $URZ as one of my few longer time frame holds. I've held $UUUU since before it's stock split. It has a mill in operation and produces uranium. I've almost doubled on both and expect more upside. good luck
  • pqranchjon: $URZ --- will Japan restart their reactors? I think most of the bad news is built into this one.... this exploration company will be a producing company soon. I like.... small stock, low volume high risk...
  • ccrown4: $URZ @pqranchjon This is one of my spec plays. I've had a low entry until I added at 1.40. $CCJ news didn't help it. Good luck
  • mradams0621: DANisms- "don't set stops at big round numbers" Lesson learned, finally. After a nice run up, I moved my stop up to $1.50 on $URZ the other day before taking a long weekend trip. I then remembered his teaching and lowered the stop one cent to $1.49. It closed yesterday at $1.50, opened today at $1.50 and started back up. Missed me by one penny. Thanks @Dan! Lesson learned.
  • pqranchjon: $URZ -- this stock has been a good one for me, up over 7% today, is it time to take another look at the uranium stocks?
  • mradams0621: Losers- @bfolkerts- I have a ton of them, held them for years- came to SMM with them, sure know better now. But most have finally started working a bit- down 25%in $SAND, but its up 5% today- $URZ, really ugly for years, now starting to work. $PAL down 64%, down again today is my best bet for losers with potential for more of the same. Or look at $NES, it's a very committed loser, most likely going to zero at some point. If you like bio-teck, $DNDN has been a wonderful loser- I'm down 84%- could come back some day but not likely- it's an old dog, not going to learn any new tricks now I wouldn't think. But what do I know? I'm holding losers! Listen to a winner!
  • mradams0621: $URRE @hwyflier- $URZ working also. After a year, I may get out even. who knows, maybe a small profit even. that would be lovely
  • darce: ...
    $URZ is in a nice volatility expansion. I don't see an entry but will watch.

    $UEC is trying to break out but is stumped by the 200. If it can get above the 200, that's a possible entry point or I might jump in and use the 20 as support...small ...
  • pqranchjon: $URZ - nobody likes it... I think @Dan even made a joke a bout it once. but I'm still involved in URZ... they got their loan... they have new leadership ... it looks like a sell the news day.... at the time of this writing it looks like a bearish engulfing day.... but like a moth to a flame I'm still attracted to this stock... can't help it...
  • pqranchjon: $URRE - $URZ - Enjoyed @DAN's video last night. Rats, I missed the whole short interest thing on URRE. I'm not that far along in my trading. I had picked $URZ and have owned it a long time as my uranium play. I was thinking my small, thinly traded, young exploration company would be big bang for limited bucks. Hadn't considered that the shorts would pile into a bigger company like $URRE over my small speculative name. Should I join the short #squeeze and trade $URRE for a trade? After @Dan's video about what a problem the short interests has here... and his short rant that these people deserve to loose there house for making such a stupid short bet ... makes me glad that I wasn't caught in a moment of stupid. wow...
  • mradams0621: $URRE / URZ- @rah - watching it as a trading pair for my $URZ trade, it made it up over vwap but failed so i'm staying away for today
  • rah: $URZ / $URRE - Uranium Stocks are extending their gains. Nimble traders only need apply. rah
  • pqranchjon: $URZ - this is a stock I have been in and out of over the years... it seems to be getting a long awaited strong lift. @DAN mentioned it a few days ago as a highly speculative little stock... but that $CCJ - Cameco Corp being the big dog for traders in the nuclear space.... I like smaller caps myself...
  • pqranchjon: $URZ and $CCJ - one other thing that I meant to say.... is that the nuclear industry has been beaten down so badly that when there day comes it could last a while... However, I thought the same thing about the coal industry for a good while and $WLT hasn't exactly been a very good stock for me... It is a lesson to stay humble that what you think should happen for a stock or an industry has nothing to do with anything in a market... work with what the market gives you...
  • bigbartabs: $URZ / URRE... rah... what do you think is leading to this re-vitalization? I must admit that I have not done any research on this due to trading time constraints. Just wondering... since the world does not seem to be very accommodating to the nuclear energy model.
  • rah: $URZ / $URRE - naturally as they are at this moment extended way above the upper BB - watching the pullbacks (had 1 buy-able entry already this past week) may provide another. rah
  • rah: $URZ / $URRE - only reports I have seen are speculations, no comments from companies themselves. One source states - "Gains could be attributed to elections in Japan that have been dominated by a pro-nuclear party, or by a major Uranium and Rare Earths conference in Australia, where the country's Resources Minister urged companies to step up production to meet growing global demand."
  • pqranchjon: $URZ - the other thing that I hear mentioned is the idea that the nuclear weapons dismantle program that the Russians were turning old war heads into reactor fuel will be winding down soon... also I have read (even though it isn't widely reported bec ...
  • rah: $URZ @pqranchjon - thanks, good info. rah
  • mradams0621: NFLX- @dagdog- let me make you feel better. Are you still holding $DNDN from 40 down to 5? Are you holding $GLD from 164 down to 138? How about $AAPL from 615 down to 398? How about $SAND down 35%, or $RENN down20%, $URZ down 41%, OTT down 86%, and FEED down 94%. Sounds to me like you have learned to cut your losses. Wish I could learn to do that. Bet it's a nice skill to have sometimes. And sometimes it will hurt you. But so will holding. Best wishes.
  • LKLove: $URZ Anyone still own any of this or following it? I've still got some. Up over 15 % yesterday (vol three times norm) and so far up about 6% today (vol already more than normal daily volume)... just presented at the conference for the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (held in Toronto). Guessing somebody liked what they heard there when the CEO presented....certainly spurred some interest. Thought I'd bring it to attention here in the forum.
  • jnag698: $SAND, etal - I feel your pain. I can't address $URZ or $TEVA, but I'm out of $RENN (burned too many times on Chinese stocks)and $PAL is a spec that I will hold for a while longer. $SAND is one of my favorite gold plays. My cost basis is low and I plan on buying more on any pb. fwiw.
  • mradams0621: URZ- Lesson for newbie's- this is how to blow up your account. I'm doing better now thanks to @Dan and the forum, but we will not live long enough to make all the possible mistakes for our self, so if you do not learn how to learn from the mistakes ...
  • mradams0621: $URZ - lesson post edited , bad trade was on $URZ not Renn as mistakenly posted but my edit is not showing up on my screen.
  • mradams0621: MARKETS-Metals- @rczar- and all others. @Dan's bullish, but I ain't feelin the love. Maybe we get his run up tomorrow? Ludicrous Forecast for today please? And tomorrow if your crystal ball does multi-day. @Dan mentioned a "random" chart last night, $CCJ, uranium. I'm in $URZ, similar chart, both doing well today but I'm a bit under water in $URZ so considering adding to it instead of starting another. Fast Money yesterday mentioned palladium might be better than gold or @silver with a good outlook for improvement in the auto sector. Anyone have a palladium play they like?
  • mradams0621: URZ- I'm not buying anything till after elections, but if I were, $URZ is a lovely chart. Day one of phase 3 started today. Tempted, but passed. Long URZ
  • LKLove: $URZ May be time to give this one another look. Huge jump in volume last week. Popped up out of a #squeeze on daily chart, Thursday 9/13. On weekly it looks like it is just poking up. Up so far again today.
  • mradams0621: $URZ - nice chart, squeezing, near the 50, need to add but cant pull the trigger, expecting market correction. Long $URZ from higher levels.
  • bigbartabs: URA... uranium $ETF is on fire today. Seems to be largely UEC... up 11% $DNN, $USU, $URZ also up nicely. Can't see any news.
  • mradams0621: $URZ - low $ speck breaking out, like the chart, got some higher and added near the low, still not back to even but like this speck
  • mradams0621: $URZ - interesting uranium speck, looks like it bottomed, higher high and higher low if it holds, tempted to add but no guts. watching. Long $URZ from higher level. Hope trade.
  • tracker54: $URZ - this was featured in the sessions a few weeks ago, the 50 dma has finally caught up to the price above the 200 dma. I know this is a volatile, low dollar stock. Looking for some thoughts on this one. Is this worth grabbing, or just bait with a hook in it?
  • ohslowone: $URZ someone mentioned this yesterday and it's doing well, low volume but steady in the right direction
  • mradams0621: $URZ - thanks goes to hooked1, nice call. I took it for a "Mandy" #CNBC pump, but they never got around to the story until after market close. Was not stock specific, just some talking head saying some will get in uranium as a market / inflation hedge. sounded reasonable, keeping it a while
  • hooked1: $URZ - #RHRN? I bought some this morning. #CNBC is about to talk about Uranium.
  • mradams0621: $URZ - thank you. getting to the party a bit late, hope you didn't eat up all the shrimp already, but Mandy should bump it a bit. Looks like good place to nibble anyway.
  • mradams0621: $URZ - @ hooked1 - did they ever do the segment? did I miss it? It's working ok anyway, but market about to close, I was hoping for a #CNBC pump and bump
  • hooked1: $URZ - @mradams - I assume they did. The chart went right up after 2:30, but in all honesty, I wasn't listening. I just heard uranium mentioned in the background and the chart was one that caught my eye last night. I bought some before lunch when it perked up a bit. We'll see if it has any mojo tomorrow!
  • mradams0621: $URZ - ON #CNBC now, after the close, way to late to get a bump. Talking Uranium as a hedge again inflation, etc.
  • hwyflier: ...
    $URZ : http://www.freestockcharts.com/tweets/?chart=ec22227a-b5c0-456a-915d-170327ea04f2&refURL=http%3a%2f%2ffsc.bz%3a81%2fKQ0

    (Notice : This also serves as a "hwyflierSMMopeningthread correction indicator" alert, for what it's worth, and those ...
  • Ramie: $URZ - Anyone still long? Looks to be breaking out a bit now at $2.72. Long from $2.49, raising my stop.
  • Stormy: ...
    about $RIG because @Dan Dicker said to sell it Friday. He admitted "I want my money beck" because he road it all the way down from the high 40's. I will hold and mahaps add to $GLD SLW $GDX POT. Have small @tracker positions in $CTL, $WPRT, $VH ...
  • dr.orangejuicer: $SHAW - With you on SHAW. Buyers of the Feb 30 calls last week (6k). $SHAW benefiting not just from industrial stocks coming back but also uranium. $CCJ, $URRE, $URG, $URZ, $DNN, etc. all popping out of volatility squeezes after prolonged downtrends. $SHAW one of the big players in nuclear plant design and construction. No position yet. Considering common, Feb 30 calls, and Feb 28 calls. Will likely go Feb 28s or common if I take a position.
  • kprice7: $URZ - up 15+% in 3 days. RIMM up 9+% in 3 days. $P up 3+% in 1 day. And $RENN up 1.5% in 1 day. Got stopped out on $GLNG on Tuesday, but looking for re-entry this morning thanks JOJO1480 and @DAN. Don't worry @DAN, if I am off the sidelines and in the game, then everyone is! I have my trailing stops and I am moving them up to protect my dough. I like this market... This is getting fun again...
  • OBX001: $URZ anyone still holding? I'm still in but considering taking some profits.
  • MultiMill: $URZ - I'm still riding this one. I just keep raising my stop.
  • OBX001: $URZ @Multimill sounds like a good plan. going to set stop just below 200MA, which should now be support, call it 2.40, close only.
  • Stormy: $URZ Set my stoop at 2.35. if it holds will add tomorrow. Stormy
  • jmcgee66: $URZ Looks to be breaking out. Sold mine at $2.42 as I wanted to see it get through the recent high of $2.44. Well, there she goes. Gosh darnit! Back to the drawing board to work on my lack of skills.
  • woody: Tuesday Buys- I will add $URZ to the list. @Dan has mentioned it a few times. I think it is a buy.
  • seahawk: $URZ - the stock @Dan mentioned starting to pop.
  • OBX001: $URZ Just wanted to call attention to this per last night's SS. Seems to be moving. (Thanks @Dan. Feel like @Jed Clampett already!)
  • bullmoose: $NAK - I took some profits this morning when it started slipping lower. I will be looking to reload if it rises from here or has a successful retest of the breakout. I have started to add back to $URZ but if it slips any lower, I'm out for now. $CCJ is looking stronger. I'm also tempted to start building my positions back up in $SLW and $VGZ though I'm hoping for a little more consolidation first. It could be a good time to consider selling puts on SLW. I did buy some $SLV Jan 36 calls this morning. I'm considering 44's as well.
  • bullmoose: $URZ - Keep an eye out for today's low to buy into this breakout. I'm hoping to get in around the upper bollinger band since I missed the move yesterday.
  • Taurus: URZ-@bullmoose, $URZ price action has been rejected twice at the 200 dma, do you think it can get above that to start a decent run? I am watching the price action and I am interested but I am not entirely familiar with the company, any input is appreciated. thanks, David
  • bullmoose: $URZ - It'll be attacking 3.50 from a nice tight #squeeze this time. Plus, it just got rewarded with approval to start working on a new uranium mine. I won't be going in big at first because I expect it to retest the breakout level before making its ...
  • bullmoose: $URZ - Back down to test the upper bollinger band. Now to see if it bounces here or retests the breakout.
  • bullmoose: $URZ - Started a small position at 3.13 to get my feet in the door. Will add more on either (1) renewed strength tomorrow, or (2) a successful retest of the 20-day SMA.
  • bullmoose: $URZ - Monster move today (+12%) out of a #squeeze on strong volume. Sorry, I saw it late. Look for an entry at the upper bollinger band tomorrow (between 3.2-3.25). Forgot to mention it got approval on a big Uranium project.
  • rbmoult: $URZ - (speculative) Popping out of a #squeeze today on 2.5X volume. They received Final NRC approval
  • bullmoose: $URZ - I added to this Uranium explorer this morning. It continues to find support at the 50-day and looks poised to bounce higher after retesting a breakout.
  • bullmoose: ...
    I'm finding some pockets of relative strength that I'm dipping my toes in. I bought $BVN yesterday afternoon on the bounce off the 50. Did the same with SWN. Set stops under yesterday's low on both. I have a buy order in on $URZ right now as it also ...
  • bullmoose: Good Breakouts Today - $URZ, $BVN, $ARCO, $DAR, $CLB, $CY, $SQNS, $CREE (not quite a breakout yet), $FTR, CTL. Check out the charts and don't wait too long to start positions if you haven't yet. Yesterday and early today have been good buying days on all of these.
  • HiltonHead22: $URZ - Anyone else in Uranerz Energy Corp? Stock traded in a range all day on Friday, then in last half hour of trading, went up 11.6%!!! Anyone know what caused the jump? Trying to figure out if I should sell and bank the profits, thinking there will be a sell off, or am I missing something? Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks, Frank
  • HiltonHead22: $URZ - Anyone else in Uranerz Energy Corp? Stock traded in a range all day on Friday, then in last half hour of trading, went up 11.6%!!! Anyone know what caused the jump? Trying to figure out if I should sell and bank the profits, thinking there will be a sell off, or am I missing something? Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks, Frank
  • Aragorn: $URZ - look at Fridays and the Weekend thread - some discussion on Uraniums.
  • Darce: $URZ - uranium...I sold the last of my $DNN shares just because it's at the top of the channel and I'm still holding $URZ and URRE. Looks to me like $URZ may need to rest here, so I may take some portion of that off the table, as well. But I'll give it at least another day to see if it pushes a bit higher.
  • Darce: $URZ - uranium got a mention from @Tim Seymour on Fast Money today. I reviewed some tickers, and it looks like $URG may be in phase 2 of an expansion right now and could go into phase 3 soon (if it passes the test).
  • HiltonHead22: $URZ - Anyone else in Uranerz Energy Corp? Stock traded in a range all day, then in last half hour of trading, went up 11.6%!!! Definitely not complaining, but I did not find any news that would explain the radical spike. Anyone know what caused the jump? Trying to figure out if I should sell and bank the profits, thinking there will be a sell off, or am I missing something? Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks, Frank
  • Darce: ...
    $URZ - up 30% this last week and broke to a new 52 week high on solid volume (esp. in the last hour or so). Long URZ.

    $URRE - up 31.5% this last week and broke out of downtrend yesterday same sort of volume action as $URZ yesterday (look at the ...
  • Darce: $URRE - somebody is piling into $URRE at the moment...something like 2 million shares in 15 minutes or so. This stock has been languishing, but over the past year is up like 400%. Keep it on your radar. Same with $URZ for that matter. Long both for some time now. Wow!
  • Aragorn: $CCJ - I mentioned this yesterday that $CCJ traded outside of it Box. I did not like the price action through out the day yesterday but it still closed outside the box and today it is continuing the march upwards. Up 3.3%. $URRE is up 5% $URZ up 3.8 $UEC up 3.5%
  • samsonsab: $URZ using the 20MA as resistance, this stock's upward momentum confounds me-interested in seeing if it will follow through today
  • samsonsab: $URZ using the 20MA as resistance, this stock's upward momentum confounds me-interested in seeing if it will follow through today
  • richard9f: $CCJ @Pilot2, thanks for the reply. With CCJ's $Q on 2/11, I'm looking for a run into it by $CCJ and the others. $URRE may have a catalyst with CCJ's $Q too with the possible expectation of a deal with $CCJ being announced at that time. $UEC and $URG are also coming up on their next round of permits in mid Feb. $URZ may have one coming up at the end of Feb. This sector seems like $CCJ can be the core holding that is bought on dips and the spec names can be traded around on news, much like biotechs. Is that how you see it?
  • richard9f: ...
    Lots of bullish calls on uranium for 2011. The spec small cap names are are obtaining licenses/permits to begin mine development. $DNN, $UEC, $URG, and $URZ are in the process of obtaining these and the issuance acts as short term catalysts for t ...
  • samsonsab: $URZ Gap up and moving higher, trading right along the upper BB. On Jan 4 $URZ received WDEQ permit for mining on Nicholas Ranch (Wyoming). Just two days ago they passed the next hurdle from the NRC. Considering all the Uranium sites out there that are just shells, $URZ is shaping up to be a solid prospect considering U demand will increase tremendously via China etc. Support has been at the middle BB
  • bullmoose: $URZ - Would love to have caught this in mid October but at this point I need to wait for a pullback, at least to 4.50.
  • Gee: $ENTG And other nice looking charts. $URZ REDF $MPEL SGI $BWEN MPG. Long all. Take a look you may like them.
  • samsonsab: $URZ Nice volume, new 50 high
  • ssteve: $URZ - too extended for me, could work for a momentum move. It has been out of VS quite a few days.
  • Amache: $URZ I have traded in and out for 10+ years, and recently sold most and kept a placeholder position. Now it seems the train left the station b-4 I added back. @Amache
  • samsonsab: $URZ @Amache I agree that if you don't already have core positions, why risk getting the nosebleed? I believe this run up is anticipation on news regarding the Wyoming ranch and that you're likely to get a good future opportunity, hopefully either after a consolidation or pullback, (I myself keep a core smallish position and trade around it)- anyway, if one can make a case that this recent move is a break out from an ascending triangle (between Nov and end of Dec), then we should be pretty close to a consolidation or pullback IMHO-I leave it up to the market wisdom though to confirm or whack me over the head
  • samsonsab: $URZ prepping to make new high
  • samsonsab: $URRE I would look at $URZ instead, it is currently a more promising prospect in terms of mining, and trading strongly in the mid to upper bb. I'm not recommending buying right now but I just think from a uranium play it may be stronger. $URRE is like the wild west (well in fact most of the U players are), whichever way it swings watch out!
  • pqranchjon: URZ- quietly $URZ is poised hit another 52 week high, I mis played this one yesterday buy selling out early on a morning poop, expecting to get back my stock in the afternoon at lower prices, well I couldn't stand it, so I bought back less than I had at a slightly higher than I sold, pre market looks to be indicating another morning poop, this one is a winner for me, and its all I can do to ride it....
  • pqranchjon: $URZ - is anyone else watching this... wow....
  • samsonsab: $URZ Yep, in it, albeit with a small leftover position-it seems to still be reeling off the news from last week and anticipation of good mining results-earnings are not until March so I doubt it has anything to do with that
  • pqranchjon: $URZ - stopped out for now, gee wiz this thing is choppy
  • pqranchjon: $URZ - reentered at 4.74 will it recover on the day? maybe.... but I don't think it does much the rest of the day, but I don't want to be left out, should it make back very much of the days gain, will confirm alot of interest in this one, I already think from the way it acts and the trades I see that it is held by momentum traders, like me, and possibly by some who are accumulating.....
  • :
  • Darce: ...
    $URZ - @pqranchjon has been pounding the table about $URZ lately in the forum. As with the ETF's, $URZ broke out and is now back down in the trading box. However, it's still just a test of the breakout and not a failure. There is support at the 2 ...
  • pqranchjon: $URZ - up grade this morning, good recovery so far this morning after yesterday's sell off...
  • pqranchjon: $URZ - @Dan and SMM team, I feel as if I am the only one looking at URZ.... I made several post yesterday to relatively no response... comments please this one is going to end up being BIG for me.... up in premarket huge.....
  • CallaLilly: $URZ - popping on news in premarket ...http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Uranerz-Receives-WDEQ-Permit-iw-2310087497.html?x=0&.v=1.
  • jarch1: $URZ if you bought it near the 50 get your stop above breakeven and enjoy the ride. Looks like the momentum is on your side. Wish I was there
  • samsonsab: $URZ Can someone please confirm the following? I'm reposting and i think i posted too late last night 'URZ and Ascending triange-Techies out there (and @pqranchjon), I would request a little guidance as I've been studying the ascending triangle pattern (I'm a tech novice) and I think I see it here but really would appreciate someone's confirmation (Golf, Hwy, LIz, ANYONE looking for start the year off right mentorite award, here's your chance!): Ok, on the daily chart: H-1 would be NOv9th, H-2 Dec 1, L-1 Nov 16, and L-2 Dec 14th. TOday and Friday there is surging volume which would confirm the breakout, which in an ideal pattern formation would lead one to expect a minimum price target of the vertical distance between L-1 and the resistance line? I am extremely appreciative of whatever constructive criticism you can dole out-thanks in advance! '
  • pqranchjon: $URZ - samsonsab - I wish I could talk with a degree of knowledge about your question but I'm not that far along in my chart/ technical ability. I will say that it looks like a breakout through stout resistance that it had met twice before this run.... It is a relatively new company, populated by experienced folks in there field that have previously brought a company in this field to market as I remember from my due diligence from several years ago.... The press release today that the state of $WY granted permits and the money raised recently to get to actual production is very encouraging... I also think most energy goes higher.... and nuclear will be in that mix.... I like that it is domestic....
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Uranerz Energy Corporation is an exploration stage Company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of properties in the uranium sector.

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